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Tatiana | she-eo of saged scriptured

About Me

Born a raised in Los Angeles, Ca, and a product of the 90s I love playing outside. I was the weird kid playing with rocks and earthworms or staring out onto the sky. as an adult, I fostered a love for everything art, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, and even dance. so I decided to study Art History and eventually got my degree. But still wan not fulfilled.

May 2010, I was what we called tied by a lovely woman in Leimert Park, Tied, meaning the process of choosing a strand of beads that resonates with you, it is staged (smoked with burning sage leaves) and prayed/manifested over, and they are then tied around your wrist. Coming from a VERY Baptist Christian family, I felt conflicted for years about the cross-connection between my religious upbringing and my connection with energies, crystals, and nature.

June 2020, with the world, shut down and my energy drained I started searching for waistbeads and crystals once again. But nothing quite resonated with me so....

January 2021, I created Saged & Scriptured. The conflict between my own connection and resonation with the energies around me and my religious upbringing brought me to an understanding that they can be connected. You can be Christian & Spiritual. You can pray all day & still manifest and work for those blessings! You can connect with God and connect/disconnect from the energies around you!! Waistbeads are NOT demonic, NOT Pagan, NOT witchcraft, but they ARE cultural, they ARE confidence building, they ARE natural waist trainer, they are intentional.

My advice

Spirituality can be a daunting uphill battle. Especially for those who are raised in strict households. I urge every woman, every young girl to find their comfortability. I am strong in my faith always, like the saying goes, " you have to know Him [God] for yourself." But you also have to know you for your own sake. I have never felt more me than I do now that I have Saged & Scriptured. And with the backlash, I get from the religious side and the criticism I get from the spiritualist for holding on to my faith, I stand strong in who I am. I wish and hope that for all of you as well.




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