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About Me

I am a visual artist and aspiring educator that combines painting, video, and sculpture to explore historical oppression, trauma, and personal history. My ultimate goal as an artist is to create work as a form of healing and understanding for myself and my community.

What makes you proud of being a women but also Latina?

I am proud to be a woman and a Latina because of the resilient women that came before me. Women in my life such as my family and friends. My ancestors who survived so much so that I could exist. Women like Rigoberta Menchú who continues to fight for environmental and feminist rights.

Is there someone you look up to?

Someone I look up to a lot, other than the women I mentioned previously, is the artist Yvette Mayorga. I have been following her work for a few years. She is a Chicago based artist who I really admire because she’s living the dream making art and doing shows. She makes art that relates to the American dream and female experience as a Latina in America. I just love that she’s pursuing something creative and I really admire that. It makes me feel less alone in my pursuit of my own personal dreams. I recommend checking out her work! 

Do you feel Latino culture has had a big impact on who you are

I feel like Latino culture has had a positive and negative impact on me. There’s a lot of machismo, anti-blackness, and deep rooted fears embedded in our culture. There is a lot that I have had to learn to undue because of these things. There are also a lot of beautiful things in our culture that have shaped who I am like our music and food. I feel like as I have grown older I have embraced those parts of my culture because as a child I was embarrassed of it or just was never exposed to it. 

Do you have any current projects you are working on and accomplishments you would like to talk about?

I have a few projects I am working on. I just started creating clothing designs that celebrate women, femmes, and non-binary people. And I just had my first pop-up and public art installation. I am also working on some zines, sculptures, and paintings. I am also planning on experimenting with performance and sound. 

Do you have any words of advice and encouragement to future generations of all women?

My words of advice for future generations of all women is to celebrate and support yourself, your friends, and your community. Self care is important and so is community care.


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