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Meet Madeline, a DC native con raices salvadorenas working to expand latino owned businesses via the power of social media! Madeline is an Instagram Marketing Strategist & Manager who specializes in creating effective social media marketing strategies for small biz owners, startups, creative entrepreneurs, therapists & lawyers & helps them convert their followers into patients/clients, sales & increases their exposure, and skyrockets their growth!⁠⁣

She began her journey as a social media consultant just last year and has helped other #jefas get their brand online and get the confidence they need to show up on social media, showcase their brand and expand their businesses.

Latinos are starting businesses at a rapid rate -- however, many don't know how to scale beyond a certain point. Madeline aims to assist in this very topic by bringing useful business tips for latino entrepreneurs that meshes social media into their overall sales strategy that will actually work and get those followers ready to hand you their wallet :-)

In her spare time, Madeline loves to binge-watch comedy specials on Netflix, keeping up with the latest biz+social media trends, reading non-fiction books while sipping as much coffee as possible, and spending time with her family while exploring the city.

What makes you proud of being a woman but also a Latina?

I'm proud to be a latina woman because we are some of the most resourceful, strong, vocal, and nurturing people. As first-generation Latinas, many of us have navigated different territory than our parents and even became surrogate parents for our siblings. The struggles we faced may not be as hurtful as the ones our parents went through, but they have given rise to the new-age latina. One who is educated & focused on elevating their quality of life.

Is there someone you look up to?

Of course! Mi Abuelita. She worked extremely hard her entire life and was a self-made multi-business owner. She hustled and sold everything from tamales to carne, to pan dulce, and is a talented seamstress who hand-made clothing for her cantoncito. The life she led ultimately provided me with the opportunity to attain an education and reach the level of success I've accomplished in my own life. I owe everything to her and her admirable work ethic and parenting skills.

Do you feel Latino culture has had a big impact on who you are?

Yes! Our culture has ingrained in me my work ethic, my ability to make something out of nothing and to remain strong in the face of adversity. It's a tough road for many Latinas entering the workforce, as many experience low pay and sometimes even disrespect. The fact that I was primarily the first and only Latina in previous corporate jobs astounded me because we have so many smart and resourceful Latinas who are educated and are worth much more than $0.52 on the dollar. This fact propelled me into launching my own social media marketing business primarily focused on working with Latina business owners who are ready to take their hobby into a full-time business and leave their 9-5 behind. I respect and love my fellow latina business owners because of how hard they work to make their business a success. My goal is to reach and help as many Latinas as possible in helping them take their brand online.

Do you have any current projects you are working on and accomplishments that you would like to talk about?

I've been working tirelessly on an Instagram Masterclass that teaches latino-business owners how to maximize their time online and finally learn how to make sales online. This is a totally free webinar. However, if you're interested in the 1:1 Social Media + Business Marketing Program I'm your girl! Send me a DM to learn more :-)

Do you have any words of advice and encouragement to future generations of all women?

Take full advantage of the opportunities you've been given by your grandparents or parents and let your passions flourish. Stay true to who you are and be proud of your culture and never forget the struggles that your ancestors went through for you to be here today. Together we can elevate change the narrative around Latinas and latino people in general.


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