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What makes you proud of being a woman but also a Latina?

There is a level of resilience that I believe women are genetically predisposed to have within us. We are raised rather differently than our male counterparts, especially within Latino households. This difference plays a key role in the manner in which we work, study and carry ourselves on a daily basis. This is what makes me feel proud to be a Latina woman, I understand that I am capable of overcoming any and all obstacles, whether they are personal, academic or career-related. I know that I have the skill set and the emotional capacity to overcome them and be able to learn from those very obstacles.

Is there someone you look up to?

I do not necessarily look up to anyone but I am truly inspired by my parents. My parents crossed the border after leaving their families and came to Los Angeles in attempts to help provide for their families back home. Along the way, they meet and I was the result, yet their American dream morphed from their individual goals into my own personal success for them. Their work ethic and humbleness is what keeps me greatly motivated and allows me to note when I need to come back down to reality.

Do you feel Latino culture has had a big impact on who you are?

Yes, definitely. Everything about me has been greatly influenced by my culture, from the manner in which I interact with folks to my work ethic. Our culture is one that is rather communicative, we are taught that everything that we do, every decision that we make has the possibility to affect people around us. There is also a level of humbleness that is taught within us, we want to achieve our goals and be great, our parents want this, yet they also want us to remember our roots. I appreciate everything that Latino culture has taught me, and will continue to teach me as I grow. I honestly am very thankful that this culture is the one that has shaped me, I do not know what my life would be if I wasn't a Latina. It's a privilege that I respect, appreciate and will forever be thankful for.

Do you have any current projects you are working on and accomplishments that you would like to talk about?

I do not have any personal projects currently but I am currently apprenticing with two artists in the Los Angeles area. I am assisting them in various projects within the Los Angeles area, I provide my administrative and research skills when needed. I am really excited about this apprenticeship because I am learning a lot about the art community within Los Angeles, which in turn helps me understand what my role is in the community.

Do you have any words of advice and encouragement to future generations of all women?

Do not let that voice in the back of your head get the best of you. It is normal for everyone to have an ounce of self-doubt. But do not let that self-doubt hold you back from your greatness that we all know you possess.


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