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Alexis "Elexeye"

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

What makes you proud of being a woman but also a Latina?

What makes me proud to be a women is first that God gave women the responsibility to carry and give birth. Women are nurturing by way of instinct, guiding, and incredibly strong when it comes to their young.

I’ve always grew up around strong latina women my mom is a beautiful example of a women who raised three children as a single parent, who had an endless amount of jobs, and hours away from us but never complained. Sick or tired she worked and remained strong setting an example that has carried with me since.

Is there someone you look up to?

Someone I look up to would be Frida Kahlo an icon female of creativity and strength. She was expressive and an outspoken brave artist who has paved the way for artist like myself to feel at home with who we are as unique individuals.

Do you feel Latino culture has had a big impact on who you are?

The culture I feel really has had an impact on me, particularly the Latin arts whether it be visually through the art which can be bright and bold at times, or to the way the beats of reggeton can make you wanna dance.

Do you have any current projects you are working on and accomplishments that you would like to talk about?

As an artist I’m working on a series of mixed media pieces involving the use of recycled media, in hopes to tell a bigger picture of what plastics are doing to our oceans, and earth.

As a singer I’m currently writing music in two bands Oli Brooklyn, and a project called Black Mold & Chamomile with my husband. On October 7th I’ll be getting the chance to collaborate on a friends album called “Various Aspects 2”

As a model I’ve lately been shooting for cannabis companies as a product model, while continue to shoot as a alternative nude model, and have been working on a collection of fine art nudes with CritterDom that’s being shot on medium format film.

Do you have any words of advice and encouragement to future generations of all women?

Women empowerment is everything! Support and encourage each other in every sense. I can’t express how important it is for us women to stick together.

If we don’t empower each other who will. I feel most women like to compare themselves each other, when really we should support and encourage each other in what we love to do. If something isn’t your cup of tea don’t get mad, just ask for a coffee and try and understand we all have different taste.


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